There is no love sincerer than the love of food. 

 ~George Bernard Shaw, "The Revolutionist's Handbook," Man and Superman

Catering should not be an adventure, rather it should be a decision that is made in comfort and assurance. With Professional Party Planner, you can order with confidence, knowing that every detail of your order will be taken care of in a professional manner.
When you choose
Professional Party Planner, you are guaranteed the highest quality food. Food that is displayed in a beautiful manner, inviting to your guests, and delicious. Food that you will be proud to invite all of your guests to enjoy. You will enjoy the service provided by our well-trained and professional wait staff and bartenders. The calm manner in which our staff will handle every detail of your event will give you peace of mind, allowing you to sit back and not worry.

The ordering process is enjoyable and painless. As you work with one of
Professional Party Planner ‘s experts, you are guided through your order, point by point.

The Date
This may seem an easily answered question, however, let's take a closer look. If you are planning an event which depends solely on an unchangeable date, then there's little that can be done to avoid possible conflicts. If your event doesn't have a strict criteria on a date, then look at these things to consider:

  • Watch out for conflicts
  • Have a backup date, if possible
  • Time of year
  • Time of day
  • Confirm your date early

How Many Guests
Most people have a general idea of how many people they would like to invite for their upcoming event. But the main factor in determining your guest count is how much your budget will allow.

The Setting

Make sure you reserve a place to hold your event as soon as you can. Quality facilities can be scarce and usually get booked up for popular dates well in advance.

Your Theme, Style and Nature

When you begin thinking about planning an event, it's natural to form an idea of what it will be like.  Take a close look at how your initial ideas integrate with the actual elements of your event.

  • What is the reason/nature of this event?
  • Will this be a formal or casual affair?
  • Do you have a theme to follow? Or maybe you only want particular colors used so that they do not clash with the room decor.
  • What would you like to have served?
  • Have the meal served or buffet style?
  • Will you be serving alcoholic beverages?

Consider a Budget
Only you can determine what this will be. It's a good idea to select a range, rather than a specific amount, in the beginning stages.